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I'm such a kid at heart
I love things like:
Kingdom HeartsLittle Key Pictures, Images and Photos
Hello Kitty
My Little Pony (especially Rainbow Dash)
Sailor Moon
animal prints
Photography <3
making kandi
and yeah lots of other things
I don't bite so feel free to send me an ask or something :) :) :)
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Just finished City of Lost Souls and yeah my heart and soul have been crushed.. :”( SERIOUSLY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. WHY DO THESE KINDS OF THINGS HAPPEN WITH MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS!!!!! I’m going to go wallow in a state of depression because of this… I AM FULL OF…

*Update: THANK YOU that last book was completely worth the wait and my heart is no longer crushed. now gonna go cry because it’s over

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For God’s sake, Ryuk


For God’s sake, Ryuk

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Lol omg.


Lol omg.

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kandi trade

okay so it’s been AGES since I have done a trade with anyone and I reeeeeeaalllly miss making kandi. would anyone be interested in doing one with me?

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